Angel Santiago overleefde Pulse

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Op 12 juni schoot een man 49 bezoekers dood van een nachtclub in Orlando. Een half jaar later vertelt Kathleen McGrory in The Tampa Bay Times het verhaal van Angel Santiago, verkoper van tweedehands auto’s, overlevende van de dodelijkste schietpartij in de moderne Amerikaanse geschiedenis.

“Are you ready?” asked the woman in the white coat.

Angel Santiago nodded, then immediately regretted it. The nurse grabbed the back of his hospital bed and, with a jerk, wheeled it into an auditorium at Florida Hospital Orlando, front and center before a crowd of reporters from around the world.

Their cameras fired. Angel winced. Just the sound of shutters, he told himself.

It had been 60 hours since a nurse washed other people’s blood off his body. He felt nauseated sitting there in silence, blanket cocooning his long legs. The 32-year-old used car salesman was often too shy to close a deal. He kept much of his life private, didn’t tell acquaintances he was gay.

Lees verder bij de Tampa Bay Times: To feel worthy of survival, he would need to make something of his life.